Basket Washer

Washer intended for goods in baskets. Treatment is done in a single cabin using one or multiple steps.

Basket Washing Line

Fully automated washer intended for goods in baskets. Cleaning is conducted in multiple steps e.g washing, rinsing, drying. Baskets are loaded manually or automaticlly. 

Basketwasher Rotor

Rotor is designed to wash smaller items in basket up to 80 °C in aqueous alkaline liquid. The goods can be completely submerged during washing and is rotated continuously. In addition to rotation in water, the cleaning process can also consist of flushing and / or ultrasound. The drum where the basket is washed is hermetically sealed and the goods can be

effectively dried with compressed air, hot air and/or vacuum. The washing process is completely automatic and controlled via PLC with touch screen.