Basket washer for cleaning small and large pieces

Basket washers are well suited for cleaning small components where it is not rational to handle the pieces one by one. Basket washers are also suitable for handling larger pieces with complicated geometry. The washingprocess in a basketwasher consists of: 

  1. Loading the pieces in the basket. 
  2. Cleaning the basket with the pieces through a combination of spraying and immersion, if needed ultrasonics can also be used. 
  3. Drying the basket and pieces using a combination of blowing (with compressed air or hot air), IR-heaters or vaccuum drying. 

During both the washing and drying the basket can be rocked or rotated in order to improve access of cleaning and drying methods to areas and pieces that would otherwise be covered. Rotating the gods also speeds up the drying by emptying cavities and holes where water may be gathered. Depending on which model is choosen the machine can be equipped with various options in order to improve washing results and/or prolong the lifetime of the washing liquid e.g oil separator or particle filtration. The basketwasher lacks rotation as a standard and is designed to wash very large baskets of high weight and lacks rotation as a standard, it works excellently e.g for washing pieces before hardening. In the basket wash line the basket is sent through several cabins with a new process in each cabin. This means that multiple baskets can be treated simultaniously which allows for a higher total production capacity. 


Basket Washer

Washer intended for goods in baskets. Treatment is done in a single cabin using one or multiple steps.

Basket Washing Line

Fully automated washer intended for goods in baskets. Cleaning is conducted in multiple steps e.g washing, rinsing, drying allowing for high capacity. Baskets are loaded manually or automaticlly.