Industrial washing machines 

Milama has been involved in industrial parts cleaning since the start in 1986. Since then Milama has produced industrial parts cleaning equipment for all types of industy. During the years the design has been developed in order to achieve the best possible cleaning results while ensuring that the machine is reliable and affordable. A Milama machine is always built in stainless steel and works by collecting and returning liquid to a tank in order to reuse water and energy.  

The efficiency of an industrial parts washing machine is dependant on four factors:

  • The washing time. 
  • The washing chemical used. 
  • The temperature. 
  • The mechanical impact from the washing machine.

The cleaning results achieved is due to a combination of these four factors. Which machine should be used depends on the goods and what the contamination is. If the goods geometry is simple spraywashing is often the best option. If the geometry is  more complex immersion washing with or without ultrasonics is often the best option. In most cases a waterbased alkaline washing liquid should be used but in certain cases a hydrocarbon based solvent or a low PH washing liquid should be used. See below for examples of our industrial parts washers. In addition to these machines we also build machines from scratch to meet specific needs.