December 2021:  New spraywashing machine delivered to customer in Sweden. The machine cleans the goods by spraying it from the above, bellow and from the side, at the same time the plattform the goods stands on is rotated to ensure full coverage. After washing the goods is dried by compressed air blowing. 
The machine is built to use a solvent with a low flash point and is therefore different from a standardmachine in multiple ways. The machine uses special heating elements for the heating and continously circulates the solvent with a dedicated pump. If the temperature exceeds a set value the machine is stopped automaticly. The temperature is monitored by multiple independant thermostats.

The machine is equiped with a dedicated filter on the ventilation. This contains both a drip stop and a HEPA-filter.

September 2021: New tunnel washer delivered to customer in Germany. The machine is intended to clean heavily contaminated goods in sheet metal. Because of this it is equiped with two pumps which each deliver 800 liters/minute at 8 bars pressure. To handle the significant ammount of contaminats which is removed from the goods the machine has a particle trap, sifting baskets and multiple bag filters.