Spray washing machine

Spray washing machines effectively washes parts by spraying with pressureized liquid. Spraywashing is highly efficient at cleaning the surfaces affected by the sprayed liquid. The method is excellent for washing tools, boxes, plates etc. In the standard pandaqua model the parts are placed on a fixed table inside the machine and the spraypipes are rotated around the table. As a standard the machine is designed to work with a warm waterbased alkaline washing liquid but can be adapted to work with solvents when needed. Other possible adaptions include (but is not limited to); Rotating table and fixed spraying pipes, liquid cleaning systems, extractable table. 


Pandaqua series

Front-fed rinse washer for one or more steps. The goods iswashed by rotating three washing pipes around a fixed table on which the goods is placed. The machine can be delivered in one or two tank versions and can be washed in up to 80°C. Automatic drying of the goods can be built into the machine. The machine series is flexible and can be adapted according to the customerneeds and goods.