We sell all products which are needed for industrial parts cleaning. In addition to a wide assortment of industrial washing machines we also sell both filtration equipment and washing chemicals. We offer all types of washing machines from small ultrasonic baths and cabin washers to large immersion, spray and tunnel washers. If needed we can design and construct a machine from scratch in order to meet specific needs.

In order to prolong the usefull lifetime of baths we sell both oilseparators, bagfilter housings and bagfilters, These can both be built into new machines and installed in machines already in use. 

The washing liquid used is of critical importance to ensure that the contamination is removed without risking damadge to the goods. Becuse of this we sell several different washing liquids to ensure that we can always supply the correct product. 

Throughout the years we have delivered machines and washed goods for all types of industry from mechanical workshops and car industry to food production and know what is needed to deliver good results.