Contract washing in Lund, Sweden


Since the start 1986 Milama has acquired a broad knowledge about industrial cleaning. Since 1998 Milama has washed goods on a contract basis and have today developed this area into a flexible handling of different types of goods. Contract washing has several advantages compared to acquiring your own parts washing equipment:

  • It requires no investment by the customer; If a component will be produced only for a limited time or in small quantities investing in a machine could be hard to justify. At our facility we already have the machine, personnel and chemicals.
  • No need for space for the washing machine; A washing machine takes up space in the production facility and might require adaptions of the facility to handle steam, store chemicals, handle waste products and similar issues. If space is an issue in your facility contract washing is an excellent alternative to save space.
  • Increased flexibility; If components are produced in campaigns there is a risk that equipment and personnel can´t be utilized optimally between the campaigns. Our washing facility is highly flexible and can be rapidly scaled up or down based on how the needs vary.
  • Less to think about; If washing is the final production stage it can be sent to us for washing and then directly to the customer. If the goods needs to meet a cleanliness standard we can send sample pieces to an external lab to check the cleanliness.
  • Contract washing can favourably be combined with other contract services. Among other services we can deburr goods before washing, assemble components, control tolerances and package goods. If needed it is possible to rent storagespace for finished goods. We will then send the goods to the final customer when needed. 

Washing machines:

Which machines we have available is constantly changed based on our customers needs. In addition to the machines we always have in place we also develop customer adapted washing concepts. Currently we have the below machines in our washing facillity: 

  • Modern ultrasonic washer for up to 2 m³ goods with both washing and rinsing step. 
  • Several tunnelwashing machines to efficiently clean metalplates in multiple steps. 
  • Smaller ultrasonic baths for smal batches. 
  • Enclosed spraywashers where this is needed. 
  • Basketwashing machine for spraying, immersion and drying of smaller pieces. 
  • Dippwashingmachines for goods with complex geometry.
  • Highpressure washers for manual cleaning. 


To reduce our environmental impact to the greatest extent possible we strive to constantly find ways to reduce our energy, water and chemical use without sacrificing quality. In order to protect the environment we have also invested in a water treatment plant to handle our wastewater.